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VIDEO/PHOTOS: 63rd Punahou Relays

Posted On: Sunday, April 27, 2008
By: reporter.
VIDEO/PHOTOS: 63rd Punahou Relays

April 26, 2008
From Alan Linsky for Hawaii Digital Sports

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See video highlights and results below

Covering the ILH week in and week out it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of other schools out there with some very, very good talent. The Punahou Relays tend to attract this talent and it was evident on this hot, muggy, voggy day.
The Punahou Relay Meet is a two day affair with the trials held on Thursday and the finals on Saturday. The trials did not include any field events or the long distance relays.
Non-ILH schools I noticed were Waianae, Radford, Kapolei, Mililani, Kaiser, Roosevelt, Waipahu, King Kekaulike, Leilehua, Farrington, Kahuku, Kalani, Pearl City, St. Anthony, Aiea, Baldwin and Nanakuli. I hope I didn’t miss any!
Events won by the OIA include the boys 4×100 shuttle hurdle (Kapolei), boys 4×200 (Radford), girls sprint medley (King Kekaulike), boys 4×180 shuttle hurdles (Kapolei), girls and boys 4×100 (Radford), girls and boys 4×400 (Radford), boys high jump (Mililani), girls pole vault (Pearl City), girls long jump (Kalani), girls triple jump (Kahuku), boys triple jump (Roosevelt), girls discus (Leilehua), and boys discus (Aiea). What a wonderful showing and super warmup for what’s shaping up to be a very exciting State Championship in a few weeks!
This is not to say that the ILH didn’t manage a lot of wins. Punahou won 9 events, with Kamehameha winning 4. Iolani also had one win.
The outstanding meet athletes were Lahaina Zoller of Punahou and Christopher Rainey of Radford. Congratulations on some super performances!
The Hawaii Fastest Human was won by Joshua Villoria in a very fast time of 10.95.
For more photos and complete official results, please visit www.usatf-hi.org

(Video from Kingsley Ah You, Owner, Hawaii Digital Sports)

Punahou Relays -Punahou School

Use scroll bar to right of video clips to view more!

(Results provided by Punahou Assistant AD Jeff Meister)
Girls 4×100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Finals
 1, Punahou School Girls ‘A’ (Louie, Jenna SO, Gilliland, Michele JR, Saunders,
 Boone FR, Mita, Alyssa-Rae SO), 1:10.8h. 2, Kamehameha Schools Girls ‘A’
 (Akiona, Caitlin SO, Crivello, Cayla , Agena, Cyan FR, Meditz, Alana SR),
 1:11.7h. 3, Iolani School Girls ‘A’ (Cannell, Katie SR, Nakashima, Erin ,
 Cruz, Chantal FR, Hayashi, Maaya FR), 1:13.3h.

Boys 4×110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle
 1, Kapolei High School ‘A’ (Ho, Hansen 11, White-Soares, Travis 11, Kukahiko,
 Tyler , Moore, Shenon 12), 1:05.4h. 2, Kamehameha Schools  Boys ‘A’ (Oliveira,
 Ceenan , Morita, Mikel SO, Teixeira, Jacob JR, Asing, Blayne SR), 1:06.6h. 3,
 Punahou School Boys ‘A’ (Horn, Erik JR, Feeley, Matt FR, Terao, Ryan SR,
 Luersen, Andy SR), 1:07.6h. 4, Radford High School ‘A’ 1:08.3h.

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay
 1, Punahou School Girls ‘A’ (Asing, Brynne JR, Ching, Jenny FR, Meheula,
 Sydney SO, Zoller, Lahaina FR), 1:47.97. 2, King Kekaulike High School ‘A’
 (Rajau, Bianca , Freeman, Sophia , Dickson, Melanie , Winkler, Mia ), 1:50.89.
 3, Sacred Hearts Academy ‘A’ (Johnson, Korey SR, Clark, Maya SR, Pires,
 Charnelle SR, Kazarian, Marnie SR), 1:53.05. 4, Kamehameha Schools Girls ‘A’
 1:53.47. 5, Roosevelt High School ‘A’ 1:55.89.

Boys 4×200 Meter Relay

 1, Radford High School ‘A’ (Campbell, Donniqtay SR, Atangan, Jonathan SR,
 Kamaka, Ikaika SO, Rainey, Christopher SR), 1:29.70. 2, Damien Memorial ‘A’
 (Furtado, Brenan SO, Asuncion, Josh SO, Padron, Jonathan SO, Vasconcellos,
 Christian SR), 1:33.56. 3, Kapolei High School ‘A’ (Aken, Isaac , Parish,
 Kalai 12, Robinson, Dequaris 12, Moore, Shenon 12), 1:34.80. 4, Mid-Pacific
 Institute ‘A’ 1:34.96. 5, St Louis ‘A’ 1:37.47.

Girls Distance Medley
 1, Punahou School Girls ‘A’ (Meheula, Sydney SO, LaPorte, Brooke SO, Madanay,
 Farrah JR, Oda, Chelsea SR), 13:16.43. 2, Iolani School Girls ‘A’ (Scarpino,
 Maile JR, Simbahon, Alyssa SR, Wan, Charmaine SO, Wong, Jenna SO), 13:21.27.
 3, Pac-5 ‘A’ (Nicholls, Heidi JR, Matsumoto, Jenna SR, Nakashima, Tia SO,
 Abing, Haley JR), 13:45.63. 4, Kamehameha Schools Girls ‘A’ 14:10.29. 5,
 Kaiser High School ‘A’ 14:11.52.

Boys Distance Medley
 1, Punahou School Boys ‘A’ (Fernandez, Reyn JR, Nakasone, Ryan SR, Nagata,
 Landon JR, Lam, Lucas JR), 11:10.47. 2, Leilehua High School ‘A’ (Johnson,
 Alexander 12, Williams, Paul 12, Cosey, Shannon 11, Aberilla-Rament, Cheves
 11), 11:13.16. 3, Roosevelt High School ‘A’ (Miura, Tomoyuki JR, Gragas, Rowan
 JR, Yoshioka, Kai SO, Higa, Bryson SO), 11:32.25. 4, Iolani School Boys ‘A’
 11:36.60. 5, Radford High School ‘A’ 11:44.10.
Boys 6×66.666666666666666666666666667 Meter Relay POWER

 1, Kamehameha Schools  Boys ‘A’ (Aano, Landon SO, Yap, Beau , Walker Jr,
 Samuel SR, Scheidt, Conrad JR), 46.82. 2, Damien Memorial ‘A’ 47.89. 3, Kahuku
 High School ‘B’ (Falemalu, Paipai SR, Acoba, Jerome SR, Akiyama, Dustin JR,
 Aiwohi, Keala JR), 50.67. 4, Punahou School Boys ‘A’ 53.41. 5, Kahuku High
 School ‘A’ 53.54.

Girls 1600 Sprint Medley Finals

 1, King Kekaulike High School ‘A’ (Massenburg, Bailey , Foley, Alexa ,
 Freeman, Sophia , Winkler, Mia ), 4:17.81. 2, Punahou School Girls ‘A’
 (Sisler, Danielle FR, Burns, Stephanie JR, Tanaka, Bo JR, Carmichael, Mari
 JR), 4:19.46. 3, Kamehameha Schools Girls ‘A’ (Mikami, Noe SO, Kauhane, Hailey
 JR, Jimenez, Ashlee JR, Honda, Courtney JR), 4:24.08. 4, Iolani School Girls
 ‘A’ 4:27.63. 5, Pac-5 ‘A’ 4:27.99.
Boys 1600 Sprint Medley
 1, Punahou School Boys ‘A’ (Zane, Mike FR, Wo, Shane SR, Reeuwijk, Tobie SR,
 Chang, Chris SR), 3:42.46. 2, King Kekaulike High School ‘A’ (Henderson, Jesse
 , Hunter, Reid , Ross, Max , Smith, Eli ), 3:42.64. 3, Pac-5 ‘A’ (Toyama, Troy
 SR, Correia, Javen SR, Kim, Jonathan FR, Nakamoto, Matt JR), 3:45.33. 4,
 Kaiser High School ‘A’ 3:45.77. 5, Leilehua High School ‘A’ 3:46.33.

Girls 4×180 Yard Shuttle Hurdle

 1, Punahou School Girls ‘A’ (Mita, Alyssa-Rae SO, Brown, Juliana SR, Brand,
 Julia FR, Louie, Jenna SO), 1:42.6h. 2, Kamehameha Schools Girls ‘A’ (Akiona,
 Caitlin SO, Crivello, Cayla , Agena, Cyan FR, Meditz, Alana SR), 1:45.5h. 3,
 Waianae High School ‘A’ (Jones, Misha SO, Kaawaloa, Lindsey FR, Tuvale,
 Courtney JR, Lee, Janee FR), 1:47.8h. 4, Iolani School Girls ‘A’ 1:51.4h.

Boys 4×180 Yard Shuttle Hurdle
 1, Kapolei High School ‘A’ (Ho, Hansen 11, White-Soares, Travis 11, Kukahiko,
 Tyler , Moore, Shenon 12), 1:26.7h. 2, Kamehameha Schools  Boys ‘A’ (Oliveira,
 Ceenan , Morita, Mikel SO, Teixeira, Jacob JR, Asing, Blayne SR), 1:26.8h. 3,
 Punahou School Boys ‘A’ (Horn, Erik JR, Wo, Shane SR, Luersen, Andy SR, Olden,
 Kyle FR), 1:27.2h. 4, Radford High School ‘A’ 1:29.6h.

Girls 4×800 Meter Relay

 1, Punahou School Girls ‘A’ (Look, Karli SO, Carmichael, Mari JR, Brand, Julia
 FR, Zoller, Lahaina FR), 10:10.57. 2, Punahou School Girls ‘B’ (Wong, Lauren
 JR, Torkildson, Kristi SR, Lin, Stacey FR, Madanay, Farrah JR), 10:26.61. 3,
 Iolani School Girls ‘A’ (Scarpino, Maile JR, Wong, Jenna SO, Dote, Stephanie
 JR, Wan, Charmaine SO), 10:29.16. 4, Pac-5 ‘A’ 10:30.95. 5, Roosevelt High
 School ‘A’ 11:24.85.

Boys 4×800 Meter Relay
 1, Kamehameha Schools  Boys ‘A’ (Hee, Charlton SR, Renshaw, Travis SR, Sato,
 Isaiah SO, Ho, Kainoa SR), 8:26.31. 2, Punahou School Boys ‘A’ (Nakasone, Ryan
 SR, Nagata, Landon JR, Strand, Ben SR, Fernandez, Reyn JR), 8:37.15. 3, Iolani
 School Boys ‘A’ (Ozaki-Train, Clay SR, Mulloy, Tyler JR, Ellison, Andrew ,
 Pleskacz, Borys FR), 9:07.24. 4, Waipahu High School ‘A’ 9:16.71. 5, Pac-5 ‘A’

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Finals

 1, Radford High School ‘A’ (Higley, Madison FR, Rivera, Zuveira FR, Hinkle,
 Andrea FR, Fuller, Brittini SR), 50.79, QUAL. 2, Punahou School Girls ‘A’
 (Asing, Brynne JR, Burns, Stephanie JR, Meheula, Sydney SO, Zoller, Lahaina
 FR), 50.91, QUAL. 3, Sacred Hearts Academy ‘A’ (Johnson, Korey SR, Clark, Maya
 SR, Pires, Charnelle SR, Kazarian, Marnie SR), 52.63, QUAL. 4, Roosevelt High
 School ‘A’ 52.94, QUAL. 5, Iolani School Girls ‘A’ 53.09, QUAL.

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

 1, Radford High School ‘A’ (Campbell, Donniqtay SR, Atangan, Jonathan SR,
 Kamaka, Ikaika SO, Rainey, Christopher SR), 42.97, QUAL. 2, St Louis ‘A’
 (Mclaughlin, Kalani SR, Mau, Trevor JR, Martin, Michael JR, Mamiya, Micah SR),
 43.75, QUAL. 3, Punahou School Boys ‘A’ (Horn, Erik JR, Wo, Shane SR, Zane,
 Mike FR, Pedrina, Jeff SO), 44.20, QUAL. 4, Damien Memorial ‘A’ 44.47, QUAL.
 5, MililaniHigh School ‘A’ 44.63, QUAL.

Mixed 100 Meter Dash HI’s Fastest Preliminaries
 1, Patton, Kenny, Unattached, 11.12q. 2, Villoria, Joshua, Unattached, 11.21q.
 3, Nakanelua, Kelsey, Unattached, 11.29q. 4, Miyamoto, Chad, Unattached,
 11.33q. 5, Taylor, Hudson, Unattached, 11.74q.

Mixed 100 Meter Dash HI’s Fastest Finals
 1, Villoria, Joshua, Unattached, 10.95. 2, Patton, Kenny, Unattached, 11.08.
 3, Miyamoto, Chad, Unattached, 11.16. 4, Nakanelua, Kelsey, Unattached, 11.27.
 5, Nakata, Shawn, Unattached, 11.58.

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay
 1, Radford High School ‘A’ (Higley, Madison FR, Rivera, Zuveira FR, Hinkle,
 Andrea FR, Aponte, Jessica FR), 4:18.15, QUAL. 2, Kalani High School ‘A’
 (Mier, Tatianna SO, Chun, Katy JR, Kobayashi, Amanda SO, Taketa, Yasmina ),
 4:19.60, QUAL. 3, Waipahu High School ‘A’ (Jackson, Katrina , Powell, Juliana
 , Caday, Tiffany , Fujiwara, Dana ), 4:21.49, QUAL. 4, Pac-5 ‘A’ 4:22.93,
 QUAL. 5, Kamehameha Schools Girls ‘A’ 4:24.04, QUAL.

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay

 1, Radford High School ‘A’ (Campbell, Donniqtay SR, Atangan, Jonathan SR,
 Kamaka, Ikaika SO, Rainey, Christopher SR), 3:23.30, QUAL. 2, MililaniHigh
 School ‘A’ (Reeves, Brian 12, Culp, Fred 11, Nupen, Ryan 12, Ornellas, Kawika
 12), 3:28.81, QUAL. 3, St Louis ‘A’ (Martin, Michael JR, Valente, Sean SO,
 Kawamoto, Zach SO, Sekimura, Ryan JR), 3:32.37, QUAL. 4, Leilehua High School
 ‘A’ 3:34.38, QUAL. 5, Word of Life Academy ‘A’ 3:34.70, QUAL.

Girls High Jump
 1, Herring, Kanani, Kamehameha, 5-04, QUAL. 2, Kauhane, Hailey, Kamehameha,
 5-02, QUAL. 3, Untermann, Alexa, Punahou, 5-00, QUAL. 4, McKoy, Abigail,
 Mililani, J5-00, QUAL. 5, Gilliland, Michele, Punahou, 4-10, QUAL. 5, Burt,
 Ashley, Kahuku, 4-10, QUAL.

Boys High Jump
 1, Longboy, Andrew, Mililani, 6-04, QUAL. 2, Spencer, Taylor, St Louis, J6-04,
 QUAL. 3, Schull, Matt, Punahou, 6-00, QUAL. 3, Minns, Carl, Kamehameha, 6-00,
 QUAL. 5, Hagar, John, Punahou, 5-10, CONS.

Girls Pole Vault

 1, Durocher, Cecilia, Pearl City, 9-06, QUAL. 2, Kohashi, Camie, Roosevelt,
 J9-06, QUAL. 3, Balmoja, Regan, Punahou, 9-00, QUAL. 4, Shiraki, Emily, Iolani
 Girls, J9-00, QUAL. 5, Martel, Leigh, Punahou, J9-00, QUAL.

Boys Pole Vault
 1, Walden, Dave, Punahou, 14-00, QUAL. 2, Pacheco Jr., Billy, St. Anthony,
 J14-00, QUAL. 3, Tamayori, Dane, Punahou, 13-06, QUAL. 4, Swain, Micah,
 Kamehameha, J13-06, QUAL. 5, Schretenthaler, Josh, Iolani Boys, 12-06, QUAL.
 5, Cox, Gordon, Waipahu, 12-06, QUAL. 5, Terao, Ryan, Punahou, 12-06, QUAL.

Girls Long Jump
 1, Taketa, Yasmina, Kalani, 17-02, QUAL. 2, Santiago, Zhane, Kahuku, 16-06.75,
 QUAL. 3, Piotrowski, Joy, Punahou, 16-03, QUAL. 4, Cummings, Alysha, Kahuku,
 15-10.50, QUAL. 5, Zerba, Faith, Word of Life, 15-05, CONS.

Boys Long Jump
 1, Furukawa, Reid, Iolani Boys, 21-09.50, QUAL. 2, Fowler, Alex, Roosevelt,
 21-06.50, QUAL. 3, Mau, Trevor, St Louis, 21-05, QUAL. 4, Fukui, Jonathan,
 Pearl City, 21-03, QUAL. 5, Campbell, Donniqtay, Radford, 20-09.25, CONS.

Girls Triple Jump
 1, Santiago, Zhane, Kahuku, 37-03.75, QUAL. 2, Piotrowski, Joy, Punahou,
 36-07, QUAL. 3, Durocher, Cecilia, Pearl City, 35-04, QUAL. 4, Speer, Lani,
 Kahuku, 34-10, QUAL. 5, Cummings, Alysha, Kahuku, 34-03.75, QUAL.

Boys Triple Jump
 1, Fowler, Alex, Roosevelt, 45-04, QUAL. 2, Fukui, Jonathan, Pearl City,
 43-09.75, QUAL. 3, Mau, Trevor, St Louis, 43-07.25, QUAL. 4, Bright, Jesse,
 Kamehameha, 43-02, QUAL. 5, Minns, Carl, Kamehameha, 42-08.75, QUAL.

Girls Discus Throw

 1, Masina, Christina, Leilehua, 120-10, QUAL. 2, Fatongia, Olivia, Iolani
 Girls, 116-08, QUAL. 3, Vegas, Kasandra, Kamehameha, 115-05, QUAL. 4, Mokiao,
 Charmaine, Kamehameha, 113-06, QUAL. 5, Matautia, Pearl, Campbell, 113-05,

Boys Discus Throw
 1, Hunt, Jasper, Aiea, 167-03, QUAL. 2, Markowitz, Abe, Punahou, 158-02, QUAL.
 3, Tesoro, Sean, Baldwin, 157-05, QUAL. 4, Falemalu, Paipai, Kahuku, 150-10,
 QUAL. 5, Weber, Chase, Iolani Boys, 149-03, QUAL.

Girls Shot Put
 1, Mokiao, Charmaine, Kamehameha, 40-10.50, QUAL. 2, Fonoti, Junitta,
 Farrington, 40-06.75, QUAL. 3, Mikaele, Vaioleti, Kaimuki, 37-00.50, QUAL. 4,
 Masina, Christina, Leilehua, 36-08.25, QUAL. 5, Schwenke, Adele/Jela, Kahuku,
 35-07, QUAL.

Boys Shot Put

 1, Markowitz, Abe, Punahou, 54-04.50, QUAL. 2, Sato, Brennan, Aiea, 51-11.50,
 QUAL. 3, Rosa, Mana, Baldwin, 49-11, QUAL. 4, Ma’afala, Bensen, Damien,
 49-07.25, QUAL. 5, Tipoti, Aaron, Word of Life, 47-09.25, QUAL.

Women Other Outstanding

 1, Zoller, Lahaina, Punahou, 1-00.

Men Other Outstanding

 1, Rainey, Christopher, Radford, 1-00.

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